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Fever Dreams [entries|friends|calendar]
Vincent Lavious

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[12 Aug 2016|11:00pm]
They all want you
at the show,
blank tv
horse with
no name.
Indigo child
got a revolver,
free expansion
mansion utopia.
Diamond lies,
we walked in
the woods,
remake of
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[10 Aug 2016|07:59am]
Happy first day of school to the kids. Just remember it only gets better when you leave (and worse). This is what it's like to be blessed (and cursed). Time speeds up the older you get and where once the school year seemed to last forever, now nothing does. Years go by in the blink of an eye. A day in school seemed an eternity but a day at work is even longer. People thought their groups were so special but once they escape that prison, everyone's on equal dirt. Enjoy it while you can, you'll be old one day too; the music you grew up to will become nostalgia playing on vintage stereos.
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Soldier's secrets [10 Aug 2016|12:00am]
"You're the most magnificent creature I've ever seen," Jack intoned. "Too bad I can't touch you- my heart has grown hollow." Her skin shimmered like every star in the galaxy exploding. "I touched a cybernetic heaven once and all the robot angels proclaimed your name." We could take over this terrible world and swim in the silence, lose ourselves between heartbeats in the streets where the mannequins stare. Cats crawled courteously in the alley and couldn't look in each other's eyes for long; they burned too bright.
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Schism exorcism [08 Aug 2016|07:08pm]
The radio reflects the feelings we felt before crimson claws eviscerated our translucent entrails. The machines were at it again- dark deceptions & daggers in backs, transformations & alchemies, armies marching by the seas, sunset & silence. Chemical cages in carriages carry us to nocturnal splendor. They replaced our soft spots with cold steel, sealing away bargain basement reveries with vagaries long elapsed. King crabs crawled over collapsing castles while an electronic owl whistles your favorite song.
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[07 Aug 2016|10:33pm]
He smashed his head against the concrete wall and a tiny yellow chick poked out of the cracks. "Never go full retard over love," the shadow lady said. There were hidden places in empty spaces were all the astral witches went. Stars blinked and blinded the congregation of bums. Trees and trains shook in the rain. Words were empty promises, meaningless a few months later. All we had left were feelings and fixtures, pocketbooks and pictures, Jell-O shots and rot wiped away with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.
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[07 Aug 2016|05:21am]
They were
the monsters
that go thump
in the night,
teeth jagged,
striped souls,
forever unknown.
Midnight moon
balloons & broken
golden tokens.
Meet them
down by the
creek, a thousand
autumns ago,
they still danced
and dreamed
of silver cities,
of stars
and wrecked
cars and
the smallest
hazy glass
left in
lazy grass.
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[03 Aug 2016|02:41pm]
We are
the living dead,
dragonflies fluttering
everywhere we go.
Shaking hands
with shadows,
sunlight burns
it touches.
witch wish
me well.
followed us
some folks
called em
has good
and bad,"
he intoned.
They threw
bones in the
wishing well,
wrapped with
ribbons and
dark dreams.
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[31 Jul 2016|09:04am]
"I don't want the world to end," she whispered. Her coral hair shook as the bombs under the Golden Gate Bridge went off. Birds briskly blew away. The moon shone like it always did, reflecting fragments of nuclear energy. Stars burned millions of miles away. The sorcerer looked on through a hole in space. The prophet misplaced his key; it rolled down a hill in a box and a toad leapt out.
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[31 Jul 2016|08:22am]
In darkness is where
you'll find me, below the sea.
A light shined from her
antenna. They were
whispering words
beyond the graveyard.
The TV heads spouted
political garbage & flowers.
King Cactus towers over
the populace, espousing
16-bit dreams. I was
an innocent once,
so calm & polyphonic.
Time tore down
the trees of youth
and constructed condos,
built by the sweat
of Mexicans & serfs
while aurous kids surf.
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[28 Jul 2016|09:40pm]
Chasing demons
with electric feelins.
Marc Bolan rollin
in his grave.
Run rabbit,
hop frog.
Passed by
my childhood
home; there
was another
name on
the mailbox.
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[28 Jul 2016|09:39pm]
Find me
in an
the stars.
We can
in darkness,
like our
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Lullabies & alibis [24 Jul 2016|06:47am]
"Our love is infinite, whether the weather is good or bad," the man with blue hair's voice echoed in the auditorium. Synthetic music made waves, returning to the ocean. A woman read his palm once; he forgot what future was foretold. There were lips in darkness, hands held over stones, a grassy knoll. "Summon me, run away with me, let's go to the cemetery."
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McFeel Alley [17 Jul 2016|01:05pm]
"I wish I could save you but I can't even save myself," Jack told his AI mother. She was his lover, jungian analysist & deathwish all wrapped in one. She had bowties, ribbons, garter belts & bell shaped flowers wrapped around her silver skin. Sometimes the Angels synth-sung from her velvet lips. Kissed crimson by the king, he could give her anything. When the weapons were brought out, you only had to choose one- golden mace or mirror stiletto. Promises were made on hills where the sun grew in oppression. The heathens held hands while nu-wave music played.
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Chocolate cake N nu moon [15 Jul 2016|07:10pm]
I saw her face in the stars & then it disintegrated. Tried to touch her & my fingers fell through.

"Come on fucker, you know you can't live without me," the android told the tiny dog. Gnats tried to get in his ears like those things in Star Trek 2.

Broken shoe, broken face. We took the long walk to see who'd die first. There were beasts in the woods where the wild things were. They'd eat your face off if you let em.
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Hot hot Helter Skeletor [08 Jul 2016|02:58am]
Livin as a ghost must be nice. Wearing bow ties and eating rice. Melted like 99 balloons. Selective mutism for the mutants, Pentagrammar. "I'm turning into diamonds," Sally spoke. They were digging graves for the misbehaves. "I caught a fear fish," Adam stood beside the river Believer. Ever after there was laughter. Hex key and wicked sex. The depressed were well dressed; the repressed paid their respects. Cache or credit, the debt was of a spiritual show-off. Beneath the plastic & microchips, their insides were hollow. Chattering teeth bequeath broken bones. The golden throne was empty (or did someone like you sit in it?) They built fires with sticks, bugs blinking. Forgotten memories linger but Y served up a platter of non-attachment. To suffer in silence is divine, the kool kids told me. I'll never live past thirty, the dirty girls perfumed. There was a glorious sadness in her eyes; they said she'd seen things the world couldn't break. Cars crashed in the past while the spectators gawked. Repetition of the game where only slight changes were effected in order to bring about a scientific American.
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Fix ions under descending galaxies [16 Jun 2016|06:40pm]
Jack was laid out like a naked psycho in a science-fiction show, towel & tourniquet covering his junk. Cheri Coke was his nurse. They used to know the ways to all the plays & operas but they forgot where the red fern grew. Bloomsday, doomsday.
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Halfpipe moonlight [13 Jun 2016|11:06pm]
We wait beneath the sea with the chosen ones, wearing crowns of molten starshine. There are no apologies here, the ocean floor littered with beautiful obscenities. The cruel creatures told us we'd never belong and we just wanted to prove them wrong. Helios could fashion a dream and light it on fire while the Low Litas gasped.
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I will tear the metal off of you [20 May 2016|04:40am]
Chance encounters in twilight.
Lightning strikes, death by moonlight.
Wish I may, wish I might . . .
Cosmic cacophony.
Phony cops & raindrops.
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Cities beyond the siddhis [09 May 2016|10:21pm]
Fireflies blur beneath the stars. The King of the Bums burns rubber in a souped-up hearse in the past. Young kids angry cuz they weren't expecting to be left in the dust. Have you ever met a soulmate & something sings inside you, a connection beyond all space & time? You might have only known them for moments, but you know them better than they know themselves. A candle can burn a letter in seconds. Once there was a billboard (or a sign) in Destin that told the blacks "you better not get caught here after dark." '71 stunner, -7 before incarnation, carnations are pink, don't think.
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Osiris Shit Saturnalia [14 Apr 2016|12:53am]
"Gimme all the tattoos," Junk ordered. Neon Jesus glow skulls vibrated in the shadows. Happy cat hallucinations of sacred elation dripped from the sink. The bums gathered together in congregation. Mr Loudmouth scared the timid. We're walking the invisible lines between concrete and crime. All tunnels lead to nowhere. Silence the noise to find your inner (redacted).

The unholy trinity cruised down empty streets, the Faint faintly floating in fuzzy skies. Cider in uncalloused hands, he sat beside her. They were playing the parts of ancient gods & goddesses, their stories already written, dyed yarn on looms in 16-bit bedrooms.

Ashes to ashes, rust to rust. Deconstructing guitars to the stars, burning out bright while new machines gather the dreams of children & launch them in rockets to other smoldering galaxies.

The mirror's reflection becomes more real with belief- it goes about its own life and dead-end jobs with stunningly terrible exes spilling grains of sand swiftly, repeating patterns which the apes recollect.
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